We conduct audits of companies’ environmental compliance, consulting on issuing environmental reports (Product, Packaging and Waste Record Keeping Information System – GPAIS, etc.) and accounting according to the latest applicable legislation. We also offer individual staff trainings on the implementation of accounting and other environmental requirements.



For companies that generate waste:
  • Waste record keeping (GPAIS)
  • Waste generation reports for responsible institutions using GPAIS system
  • Applications for the Register of Waste Management Companies
  • Consultations on the waste permits (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) and environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Taking part and representing the client during inspections, conducted by institutions, responsible for state environmental protection control
 For manufacturers and importers:
  • Registration at the Compendium of Manufacturers and Importers
  • Preparing compulsory documents – environmental reporting procedures, descriptions and orders
  • Keeping logs for packaging, taxable goods, batteries, electric and electronic equipment, vehicles and oil supply to the market and their waste management (GPAIS) in the system
  • Filling declarations of the tax on environmental pollution with packaging waste
 For importers, distributors, producers and users of chemicals:
  • Summaries of chemicals and preparations
  • Entering the data into the Integrated Computer System for Environmental Information Management (AIVIKS)


Laura Meškauskaitėemail : laura.meskauskaite@ekobaze.eutel. no. : +370 (640) 26857

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